To help you make an informed decision about reverse mortgages and other alternatives, the AARP Foundation has produced the booklet, Home Made Money A Consumer’s Guide to Reverse Mortgages (pdf). A reverse mortgage is a loan in which you receive money from a lender that doesn’t have to be paid back until you sell your home, you move out.

reverse mortgage lenders in Texas Top texas reverse mortgage Lenders Nearly 60,000 home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) loans have been originated in Texas, the third highest amount in the country behind California and Florida. Below, you will find the top lenders of all time and the top since 2012, when Bank of America and Wells Fargo exited the reverse mortgage business.

“Reverse mortgages are a useful tool for some people,” said Lori Trawinski, senior strategic policy advisor with the AARP Public Policy Institute.

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This is an aarp program. free. 407-649-9209. details: 407-262-2111 or 407-265-0534. Reverse mortgage program: 11 a.m. Fridays; Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex, 99 E. Marks St., Orlando. The.

What is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a loan for seniors age 62 and older. hecm reverse mortgage loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 1 and allow homeowners to convert their home equity into cash with no monthly mortgage payments. 2 After obtaining a reverse mortgage, borrowers must continue to pay property taxes and insurance and maintain the home.

AARP reverse mortgage is a type of mortgage that is quickly gaining popularity in the United States as retirees seek methods of supplementing their retirement income. Basically, AARP reverse mortgage can offer the financial proceeds to senior citizens, aged 62 or older, to allow them to live a life that is more financially stable and free of worry.

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Can You Buy Back A Reverse Mortgage Editor’s Note: On Sept. 30, 2013, a federal trial court in Washington, D.C., ruled that HUD violated federal law when it did not protect surviving spouses of holders of reverse mortgages. Over 600,000 reverse mortgages have been issued since the program started in the late 1980’s. Available to Americans 62 and older, the loans help homeowners tap into their home equity to get needed cash.

go to AARP’s very useful Web page on this topic at or call 888-687-2277 to order a free copy of "Home Made Money: A Consumer’s Guide to Reverse Mortgages." Fannie Mae, the nation.

Reverse mortgages are complex, often confusing financial products. If you or an elderly relative are even considering one, it’s important to know all of the risks and pitfalls beforehand. With that in mind, we’ve created this list of facts to help you understand what can really happen if you take out one of these loans.